Charlottetown Special

Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about how to be
more healthy. Are we getting enough sleep? Are we eating
the proper food? Are we physically fit? Are we really
healthy? Underlying allergies can have a negative effect on
our health. Symptoms of general malaise, headaches, gastro-
intestinal upset, poor concentration, inability to cope
and just not having the motivation to exercise can all be a
part of allergies.

Perhaps when you try to eat healthy, you feel unwell. This
as well can be allergies or sensitivities to the types of or the
particular food that you are eating. Forever Healthy offers
a computerized allergy testing that can identify the issues
that may be causing your inability to eat healthy or exercise.
For the month of December, Forever Healthy Charlottetown
is offering a promotion for starting your journey of
getting more Healthy. Buy a gift certificate for yourself or
someone else for a Christmas present and receive a free
treatment. Start your journey of being more Healthy and
Fit now.