Charlottetown Testimonial

At present I live in BC and was introduced to Forever Healthy by my daughter in law and started treatments on my trips home to the Island. This has been a life changing experience for me and I’m very thankful to all the staff at Forever Healthy for their love, compassion, understanding and knowledge of their work as well as to their clients! It has been my pleasure and privilege to have received the allergy treatments and the acupuncture by this professional team!!


When I arrived I was greeted by friendly members of the staff and then tested for 204 allergies or sensitivities …and I had 142 …so as you can see they had some work ahead of them, which they did in fine style!

Beside my many allergies that I have suffered for a number of years, I have a lung disease with scar tissue on my lungs, I’m a stoke victim, vertigo and have had many operations.

Some results:

1.  Carpal tunnel:  I had a carpal tunnel operation done on my right hand leaving me with nerve damage and limited use of my right hand….I now have 50% improvement in the movement of my hand!!

2.  Feathers: I could not even stay in a room with feather pillows…now I can sleep on them as well as be covered by a down comforter!!

3.  Scented candles: All candles had to be removed before I could enter a room or I would have to leave…no longer the case!!

4.  Cleaners and chemical: When traveling I always requested an environmental clean with no scents…..Request no longer needed!!

5.  Latex: My skin would blister when touched …no reaction now!!

6.  Clothing:  I could not wear many fabrics in any comfort….not so now!!

7.  Pollens, grasses, etc: They would affect my breathing, leaving me short of breathe and tired…no longer an issue!!

8.  Scalp surgery:  I had skin cancer on my scalp and Pat helped my through all the different steps of the surgery….quicker recovery!!

  9. Metals:  I would break out in a rash and blistered if I wore or had any other metals except yellow  gold that touched my skin…..instant results, I can wear silver jewelry as well as work with other metals making jewelry now!!

These examples are just a few of the results from the allergy elimination and acupuncture that I experienced… my pleasure there are too many to mention!! I also believe there has been a boost to my immune system which of course helps in prevention of everything!

There is a huge difference in my quality of life!!

A extra special thanks to Tammy and Pat for working so closely with me, spending some time with me and sharing experiences!!!

The whole experience from the first time I phoned to explain my situation and book my first appointment with Wendy then testing with Lesley, then onto my treatments with Tammy and Pat was a complete pleasure!! I’m looking forward to seeing them all again on my next trip to PEI!!

There needs to be an award for Pat for putting such a fabulous team together!!

Thanks and Hats off to all of you!!

Forever Grateful!!