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Illnesses, EFT and Ho'oponopono

The challenge when you have an illness is to know what to tap. Because every illness begins with an emotion then it would help if you know the emotion that started it all. Right?

 Here are a few common ones:

Pain is always a self-devaluation conflict (SDC) that has been resolved. In other words, you don’t get pain until the issue has been resolved and the pain will last as long as the conflict lasted. If the pain is in the neck it’s related to an intellectual SDC so you need to tap (also going back to childhood) whenever you didn’t feel intelligent enough (i.e. someone questions your work).

 Knee pain, leg pain, foot pain are all SDC’s related to physical activities such as, “I’m not as physically active as I used to be”, “I can’t walk, dance, run like I used to”, etc.

 Cancer: depends on where the cancer is. For example, lung cancer is always triggered by a death fright so not only do you need to tap the cancer, chemo, radiation, etc. but also, in the case of lung cancer, you need to tap the death fright that you experienced.

 Try to figure out what was going on emotionally just before you got sick. What conflict did you just resolve? Chances are it’s related to your illness so make sure you tap it and do Ho'oponopono.

For more on tapping and a free interactive tapping guide visit

 Enjoy the journey!


Allergies and German New Medicine

Dr. Hamer has shown that whatever we’re in contact with at the moment of the “unexpected event” we may become allergic to AND depending on what was in our biological thought at that exact moment will determine where the conflict hits us (such as a death fright will hit us in the lungs; an indigestible morsel with hit us in the bowel; etc.).

 In other words, where an allergy hits us is determined by our individual perceptions of the event, our beliefs, and our individual experiences. So the next time you’re “fed up” with something, resolve it quickly or could have a sinus issue heading your way!

Christmas Greetings from all of us at Forever Healthy!

Charlottetown Special

Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about how to be
more healthy. Are we getting enough sleep? Are we eating
the proper food? Are we physically fit? Are we really
healthy? Underlying allergies can have a negative effect on
our health. Symptoms of general malaise, headaches, gastro-
intestinal upset, poor concentration, inability to cope
and just not having the motivation to exercise can all be a
part of allergies.

Perhaps when you try to eat healthy, you feel unwell. This
as well can be allergies or sensitivities to the types of or the
particular food that you are eating. Forever Healthy offers
a computerized allergy testing that can identify the issues
that may be causing your inability to eat healthy or exercise.
For the month of December, Forever Healthy Charlottetown
is offering a promotion for starting your journey of
getting more Healthy. Buy a gift certificate for yourself or
someone else for a Christmas present and receive a free
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Forever Healthy Riverview September promotion!

The new scent free signs in Yarmouth!

Allergies and Life

You know your ego is in charge when you have those negative, nasty, bring you down thoughts and you do things that you don’t feel good about later. Basically, if your thoughts or actions don’t make you feel good about yourself or give you warm, fuzzy feelings, then chances are you are living with your ego in charge.

 Your spirit is all about love and compassion. If something gives you warm fuzzy feelings then go with it. Make the question, “Does this make me feel good about myself?” your question of every day, especially when making decisions about anything going on in your life.

You may need to tap for holding on to your ego, keeping stuck with the ego in charge; even fear of letting go of your ego. You may want to ask yourself, “Who do you become without your ego in charge?” and tap on that thought.

 Know who you want to become, feel good about it, and let it happen.

 Enjoy the journey,


New Hours!

New hours in our Riverview clinic. for more information visit their profile (address of their page on site).

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