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Forever Heallthy Riverview Testimonial

Before starting treatments at Forever Healthy, I was diagnosed with O.C.D.(obssesive compulsive disorder) ,experienced frequent panic attacks,caught every flu and cold that “was going around”,was always negative and more.  Since my first treatments in 2009, I can say my life changed drastically!

The friendly staff at Forever Healthy is so helpful and understanding. By eliminating many allergies and blockages with pain-free treatments, I learnt so much about myself and am evolving in ways I never imagined I could. I have a better understanding of my body.  Without a doubt,I recommend Forever Healthy treatments to anyone! :)

Monique Daigle

Sussex Testimonial

I have had great results with the Allergy Elimination treatments I have received from the Forever Healthy clinic in Sussex, NB.  I started going to improve my overall health and to eliminate my very severe allergies to cats.

Prior to treatments I could not be a room with a cat for more than five minutes without having my eyes nearly swell shut accompanied by hours of sneezing and hives.  I now am the happy owner of two cats one of whom sleeps near my pillow during the night without producing any reaction in me.

Each morning for fifteen years I use to wake up nauseous and once I started in on the treatment for thyroid that stopped. Another pleasant side effect of the thyroid treatment was that for the first time in my life my feet were not cold.

I have also experienced frequent nightmares through my youth and adult life and once I was treated for amino acids the nightmares stopped.

Another major issue that was resolved through the Allergy Elimination treatments was severe chronic earaches.  I was prone to getting 3-4 ear infections a year that would ultimately end in my eardrum perforating; once I was treated I have not experienced an earache in almost three years.

The results I have experienced with my treatments have been great, consistent and lasting.

Angie Gilbert

Fredericton Testimonial

It is remarkable! For as long as I can remember I have been allergic to garlic and onions. I met Julie Baglole Keenan at a business event and was impressed by her clinical approach to alternative medicine. Having had

desensitization needles once a week for 10 years of my life to the point that I gave up, I would give Forever Healthy a try; I had nothing to lose and all to gain. I am allergic to a number of things, but garlic and onions were the biggest obstacles, as garlic can be found in trace amounts in most prepared foods and I like the flavor of both.

Within 5 minutes of my final treatment I had a Caesar wrap with onions, no ill effect. Over the holidays I have repeatedly eaten garlic and onions and no ill effect. Having avoided these foods for so long, it still is a new experience to taste the flavor and not be affected by them within minutes, sometime to the point that I wouldn’t be able to drive but typically feel the effects for 3 days.

I cautiously approach garlic and onions waiting for the side effects but nothing. It is remarkable!

Martin Aitken

Forever Healthy Charlottetown Testimonial

I started going to Forever Healthy in Charlottetown, in the Spring of 2005.

    During this time I was attending Academy of Learning in Montague going back to College, after some 36 years since I had been in a class room, to take Business Accounting.  During the time I was there my health was giving me quite a go and it was hard to keep up with all my studies that were required. 

     A friend at The Academy of Learning told me I should go to Forever Healthy in Charlottetown as they had helped her greatly with her allergies and she felt certain they could help me as well.  It was also interesting that a friend of my daughter’s had also told her about Forever Healthy and she called me to say she was going to give it a try and I said, well I am, as well.

     I will have to admit to being very nervous the first time I was there as I had no idea what to expect.  I can’t remember the ladies first name that I met with my first appointment, however, the second time I was with Pat MacKinnon and from then on I knew this was who I wanted to see as I felt instantly comfortable with her and I was very interested to see if she could help me with my health problems.  All joking aside, I sometimes wonder if Pat had known then what a challenge my health problems have been whether she would have taken me on or not.

         Some of you might think, Wow, she is still going for treatments!  Yes I am still going for treatments and I thank God every day for bringing Pat into our lives.  I will give you a brief rundown on my health. I have Osteo Arthritis, Lung Disease, even though I have never smoked, Costo Chronditis, Headaches, Sjogren’s Syndrome which weakens my Immune System and Allergies and Sinus problems.

          The difference Pat and her treatments have made in my life is amazing.  Even though I have all of these problems she has helped my body get stronger and has helped me understand how some of my health problems stem right back to my childhood and teenage years. She has taught me it is ok to let my body detox itself.  She has taught me how to deal with my illnesses, especially the Sjogren’s, in a way that I don’t beat myself up when I have a flare up.  The treatments have allowed me not to be on medication for my Arthritis or Sjogren’s Syndrome and most of the time we can control my Lung Disease as well. The fact of not having to use Antibiotics every time is a real plus for me.  I learn something new with every visit as how to help myself get my health back.

         I could go on forever on how great the people at Forever Healthy are and they truly do care for everyone who comes through their doors.  I hope you are getting my message and that is, no matter what you are going through in your life, give Forever Healthy a chance to really help you deal with whatever it is.  I am also proud to say that my Daughter’s two children age 5 and 1½ have never been on Antibiotics and that is thanks to Forever Healthy and all the great things they do for all of us. I also want to add that my Husband goes to Pat as well and he is one of her strongest supporters.

       Submitted by:  Liz Meerburg, Montague, Prince Edward Island      February 3, 2014

Forever Healthy Sussex

January 9, 2014

 Speaking for myself, coming to Forever Healthy in Sussex for allergy treatment is about striving to maintain and improve on “quality of life”. Knowing that I can receive treatments with next to no side effects, this in itself went a long way to reduce the stress associated with managing this health condition that allergies and mcs presented.


In working with Susan, I’ve also learned a lot about myself and how to better deal with this condition. I’ve gained a better insight on how environment, foods, emotions individually or together can negatively impact on health.  Now, when issues arise, I find that I can better assess and manage each situation.  Being informed makes it easier to regroup and finish my day, to even look forward to tomorrow.  

For this I am grateful,

Régis Vautour

Congratulations to Crystal Howatt on receiving her certificate from the Carroll Academy of Energy Medicine. She will be starting as a practitioner in the Forever Healthy Miramichi office in February

Forever Healthy Yarmouth, Nova Scotia’s winter promotion!

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Primarily an Allergy Elimination Center, it is our mission to improve your overall health and well-being by eliminating your body of underlying allergies so you can live a well-balanced lifestyle. It is our goal to assist you on your journey to becoming forever healthy.
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