Fredericton Testimonial

Apples! Let’s start there. I love them, they are delicious and crunchy, I dream about them, I crave them …. but, I was not allowed to eat them! When I was 9 years old I suddenly had an anaphylactic reaction to an apple. I had eaten them without worry up until then. My doctor told me, after several different tests I had conducted at home, that I was allergic to a variety of fruits. No apples, pears, plums, peaches or a few other members of this family of fruit.

Eventually I got used to not being able to eat these fruits, to having to ask anyone who offered me a fruit salad “what is in there?” I detested asking though, it always felt rude and it made me realize how much I missed those fruits.

Twenty years later I found Forever Healthy. I came in for an initial consultation with Christine (who is fabulous by the way) and a couple days later I met with Julie and we were on our way. After completing my basic nutrients we started work on my apple allergy. We were able to clear the apple sensitivity and during the process it turned out that we cleared the whole gambit of other fruits I was allergic to! I am beyond happy to report that to date my favorite apple is ‘Granny Smith’ … which I eat at least one of a day.

Julie told me something in our first session I will never forget. She said “you don’t have to believe in this for it to work.” In case you aren’t a believer, give it a try anyway.

Esther Danforth