Sussex Testimonial

I have had great results with the Allergy Elimination treatments I have received from the Forever Healthy clinic in Sussex, NB.  I started going to improve my overall health and to eliminate my very severe allergies to cats.

Prior to treatments I could not be a room with a cat for more than five minutes without having my eyes nearly swell shut accompanied by hours of sneezing and hives.  I now am the happy owner of two cats one of whom sleeps near my pillow during the night without producing any reaction in me.

Each morning for fifteen years I use to wake up nauseous and once I started in on the treatment for thyroid that stopped. Another pleasant side effect of the thyroid treatment was that for the first time in my life my feet were not cold.

I have also experienced frequent nightmares through my youth and adult life and once I was treated for amino acids the nightmares stopped.

Another major issue that was resolved through the Allergy Elimination treatments was severe chronic earaches.  I was prone to getting 3-4 ear infections a year that would ultimately end in my eardrum perforating; once I was treated I have not experienced an earache in almost three years.

The results I have experienced with my treatments have been great, consistent and lasting.

Angie Gilbert