Allergies and Life

You know your ego is in charge when you have those negative, nasty, bring you down thoughts and you do things that you don’t feel good about later. Basically, if your thoughts or actions don’t make you feel good about yourself or give you warm, fuzzy feelings, then chances are you are living with your ego in charge.

 Your spirit is all about love and compassion. If something gives you warm fuzzy feelings then go with it. Make the question, “Does this make me feel good about myself?” your question of every day, especially when making decisions about anything going on in your life.

You may need to tap for holding on to your ego, keeping stuck with the ego in charge; even fear of letting go of your ego. You may want to ask yourself, “Who do you become without your ego in charge?” and tap on that thought.

 Know who you want to become, feel good about it, and let it happen.

 Enjoy the journey,